Monday, May 4, 2009


Here's a peek into my character design process. This is Talia, one of the leads of my new book from Outlaw Entertainment, entitled We, The People. She's an archer/Robin Hood-type, so the writer and editors wanted her look to be a throwback to that classic style, but at the same time, she had to be very sexy.

So, first off I wanted to get some ideas down for her costume. my first run through was real basic.

I didn't feel that look really had a lot of 'pop' so I tried some more designs, along with color notes:

Finally, we all chose a design, and finalized her look for the book. This shot here is more of a general guide for her body type and for the colorist to get the basic tones.

Colorist Giuseppe Pica adds a lot of depth and really brings her look to life in the book itself:

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