Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Morning Chew

this was a silly idea for a warmup drawing I had today. Joe Mulvey gave me an idea this morning as Chew co-creator Rob Guillory and I were talking about the comic book market on Twitter. Basically, Joe had an idea to combine Chew and Morning Glories, and his pitch was: '...A Cibopath who goes to a boarding school for gifted culinary students run by a cult.' and 'Lost meets Gilmore Girls meet Top Chef.'

Needless to say, it gave me quite a laugh this morning. So on my way to my weekly game dev meeting, I had an idea for a warm up sketch based on this, and here it is! Ms. Daramount from Morning Glory Academy offering Detective Tony Chu a bit of forbidden fruit. ;)

I for one, would love a Morning Glories/Chew crossover! haha
*Chew is copyright 2011 John Layman & Rob Guillory!*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Morning Glories Fashion, part 4

Just put another issue to bed, so here's the latest 'fashionista' from the Morning Glories cast--the one and only Hunter. Kind of kept to his preppy-by-way-of-geek look that he normally sports, but also threw in a casual t-shirt look as well (said shirt featuring a show I know Hunter would be a fan of..). Drawing Hunter's mop of hair is always fun, but I might play around with it more in the series.

(obviously, The Guild is copyright 2011 The Guild!)

Now back to my backlog of commissions!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Morning Glories Fashion, part 3

Continuing my series of style studies for the Morning Glories cast--today's fashionista is none other than Jade. Jade is actually one of my favorites of the cast to draw, though she hasn't quite garnered the fandom of someone like Zoe or Ike. Her emo look is the most fun for me to draw. Early on, I read a crit of her that felt I should push her into a 'Wynona Ryder circa Beetlejuice' kind of look. I agreed. Obviously her look here is kind of Japanese lolita influenced, but I kind of like it.

More soon (though I am snowed under with pages, so it might be a tad later than sooner!)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Morning Glories Fashion, part 2

Continuing my series of fashion studies on the Morning Glories kids: this time it's Ike's turn on the catwalk. Next to Zoe, I think he's probably the other fan-favorite character. You just love to hate this guy. haha.

I picture him as pretty elitist, and the type that only wears the finest clothing he can buy. He's not the type that would 'dress down' outside of his traditional school uniform. Of course, he's also the type that has more to him that meets the eye.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning Glories Fashion, part 1

Had some downtime between issues, and after 8 issues in, I wanted to play around with the looks of the cast of Morning Glories. They're in their school uniforms most of the time, but I wanted to conceptualize what they'd wear outside of class.

First up is Casey! I've got the rest of the cast mostly done, and I'll post them up as the days go on.