Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Morning Chew

this was a silly idea for a warmup drawing I had today. Joe Mulvey gave me an idea this morning as Chew co-creator Rob Guillory and I were talking about the comic book market on Twitter. Basically, Joe had an idea to combine Chew and Morning Glories, and his pitch was: '...A Cibopath who goes to a boarding school for gifted culinary students run by a cult.' and 'Lost meets Gilmore Girls meet Top Chef.'

Needless to say, it gave me quite a laugh this morning. So on my way to my weekly game dev meeting, I had an idea for a warm up sketch based on this, and here it is! Ms. Daramount from Morning Glory Academy offering Detective Tony Chu a bit of forbidden fruit. ;)

I for one, would love a Morning Glories/Chew crossover! haha
*Chew is copyright 2011 John Layman & Rob Guillory!*

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  1. two great tastes that taste great together!