Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have turned in the final page forWe, The People, my new graphic novel from Outlaw Entertainment, and I couldn't be happier. Feels like I've been working on this forever--my first book juggling all my work plus taking care of an infant. It was great fun, though and I can't wait to see the final printed book, which is due out in August, but will premiere at San Diego Comic Con in late July. (Diamond order code is JUN09 1047, so preorder today!) It's some of Jason Burns' best work, in my opinion (biased as I may be)--he's back into his 'Expendable One' style of humor.

The book will have backup material, which will include character designs/sketches, so I worked these up since they are the team's final costumes.

Next up for me is my own super hero book, a short story with one of my favorite writers, plus a pitch with an up and coming writer that I think has a helluva story concept for a book. I can't wait to jump in on that one.

For now, a vacation! :-)

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