Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dante's Inferno

i am really excited to play the upcoming dante's inferno game, due out next week. i have heard all the griping about it being a god of war clone, but honestly--i don't give a shit. i didn't play the god of war games until recently, and only after i played the dante's inferno demo, which i loved. so, the disdained complaints from god of war fans are lost on me. and i know it's not an accurate translation of the original poem, but come on, it's a video game--liberties are going to have to be taken.

anyway, i digress. i love the art style in the game, and wanted to do a drawing from the game, so i chose the protagonist, dante aligheri.

this will likely be the last detailed color piece from me for awhile. a major assignment just landed on my desk and it's gonna be daunting. hopefully i'll make it! i still have some con sketches from DCC i need to post as well.

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