Thursday, April 14, 2011

Morning Glories Fashion, Bonus Edition!

One more round on the Morning Glories Fashion catwalk! Like I said the other day, I had an idea for one more entry in this series, and of course it had to be Pamela, the psycho roommate/resident advisor. Nick has called her the 'unofficial 7th glory' and she's one of my favorite characters to draw. She hasn't shown up in awhile, though!

I decided to have a little fun with this entry, and really play up Pamela's psychotic tendencies. First outfit is based on Michael Myers' look from Halloween. Not the Bill Shatner mask look, but the scary clown kid from the beginning of the original Carpenter film. Then I decided to emulate Natalie Portman's look from Black Swan. Finally, Ghostface from the Scream movies (which were an influence on the book!). I seriously think Pamela would have these outfits in her closet and would wear them if she could. She's unhinged, but she's so much fun.

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