Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Marvel Pages

here are my latest Marvel sample pages. This is a Daredevil vs. Typhoid Mary fight scene. I'd started these awhile ago, but they just weren't gelling, and work began to pile up, so they got neglected. After getting some helpful advice from friends and from one Patrick Zircher (artist on Marvel's Terror, Inc., among others) I got the pages where I wanted them. These were fun to do--I mean, who doesn't love a good fight scene? :)


  1. Excellent work Joe! Your rendering is tight and clean without being stiff and you've captured a real sense of bodies in space.

    I get a little confused in the first few panels in terms of where DD is landing in relationship to Mary but the fight is well-choreographed and there are some nice inventive bits like the cut to the fire in her eye.


  2. Thanks, Michael! That's a good point about where Mary is. Originally on page 2, her appearance was a wider shot, and you could see she was leaning on the door behind DD on his left. Patch suggested I tighten her reveal, but I really wish I'd at least added in another panel with a wide shot to establish her location.