Friday, April 23, 2010

I heard a Rumor about a Spaceboy..

This was my week to pick the theme for Metrosketchual, the sketch blog comprised of local DFW artists. I chose Dark Horse Comics' The Umbrella Academy, by Gerard Way & Gabriel Ba.

I'd always heard good things about the series, but only recently checked it for myself. I tore through both volumes--and they're some of my favorite comics in recent memory.

So, I chose to draw two members of the Academy--the Rumor & Spaceboy. I love Spaceboy's look--a guy transplanted into the body of a gorilla--how could that not be cool? And since I'd already drawn the White Violin once before, [link] I wanted to try a rendition of the Rumor.

I highly recommend this series--I can't wait to read more Umbrella Academy comics!

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