Friday, December 18, 2009


i realized i was nearing 300 deviations on deviantart last week, so i dusted off this spidey drawing i'd started a couple of months ago. it started off with a little goofy gesture drawing of spidey (since he's prone to get in odd positions) and i didn't do much with it for awhile.

but i was looking at google maps recently and discovered it's pretty handy for building design references! so i decided to finish this drawing and make it the 300th piece of mine on deviantart!

okay, off to wrap presents. have a great weekend, all!


  1. Holy crap Joe! Love the structure of the city and the sinewy texture of Spidey's muscles.

    Love that he looks young and lithe.

    With this and the X-Men piece, your use of bold and bigger blacks are giving your art even more weight and graphic punch.

  2. Thank you, Michael! I've always liked a more wiry, lanky Spidey.

    Glad you like the lines and blacks--I'm trying to add more spot blacks and bolder lines to my stuff.