Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Living Super

i did this the very next day after i finished 'We, the People.' my next book is a super hero book of my own creation, and it's been in development for awhile (got to love when life throws you curveballs). anyway, i'll be jumping back into it real soon here, with an eye to a 2010 release. but, i digress..

i remember back in the '80s, marvel did these full page in house ads that had closeups of their characters. in particular, i remember a power man and iron fist one. that stuck with me. so i wanted to emulate that, since this story is my valentine to the comics i grew up on (with a twist..haha).

not sure where these will be used yet, but they'll appear in full color for the final versions. i'll post them as i complete them!

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